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About us

Art Of Brewing is owned and managed by Maarten & Breg Lammers, two food artists who emigrated to Canada from The Netherlands in the summer of 2001. After travelling around southern British Columbia for 3 month with 3 little kids in a camper van - indeed that was quite an adventure - we fell in love with the Kootenays and especially Nelson the moment we saw it. We parked the van in the city campground, started to look for a place to work and live, and never left or looked back. Life doesn't get much better than here in the heart of the Kootenays.

Maarten has a masters degree in Food Science & Engineering. After graduating he made the wish that he only wanted to work in three fields of the food industry; beer, chocolate and coffee. So far he managed to work in 2 of them, in Holland he worked for 10 years in the cocoa industry and now he is involved with beer and wine. So if you're tired of talking about beer & wine, we can always talk about good cocoa and chocolate.

Breg has a bachelor in Home Economics, with a specialisation in everything food. From informing the public about food, teaching cooking to both children and adults and developing and writing recipes for workshops and magazines. After college, she became very passionate about chocolate and pastry and trained herself further in this field to become a professional pastry chef and chololatier. A dream of a little chocolate & pastry store is still alive.
Their passion for chocolate gave them the nickname 'The Chocolate Chips' in Holland.

What more do you need in life than good chocolate, coffee, beer & wine, it covers all the major food groups!