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Top 100 Wine Kits for 2012

In April, 2012, over 50 experienced judges evaluated a total of 2,552 wine kit entries as part of the Winemaker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition. Over the course of three days, wine judging panels examined all entries, using the UC-Davis 20-point scale. All wines were scored on appearance, aroma, taste, aftertaste and overall impression. All judging was done blind, meaning that those evaluating each entry were given a pre-poured glass of wine with absolutely no identification attached except a tracking number. The top 100 is based on the average scores given by judges to the top performing kit entries this year.

To mention a few of our personal favourites and best selling wines:
1.   Winexpert Selection Limited Edition Pacifica White
3.   Winexpert Selection Estate Series German Mosel Valley Gewurztraminer
8.   Cellar Craft Showcase Yakima Valley Pinot Gris
10. Cellar Craft Showcase Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel
15. Winexpert Selection Piesporter
16. Winexpert Vintners Reserve Mezza Luna Red
19. Cellar Craft Showcase Grenache Quartet
21. Cellar Craft Specialty Porto Corinto
23. Cellar Craft Showcase Amarone
61. Winexpert Selection Estate Napa Valley Merlot
67. Winexpert Selection Australian Chardonnay
72. Cellar Craft Showcase Rosso Fortissimo
93. Winexpert Selection Australian Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre

and many more.

Winemaker Magazine published a list with the top 100 scoring wine kits, based on the results of 2012 WineMaker Magazine international amateur wine competition held in Vermont. If we break down this list by supplier, the list reads like this:

RJSpagnols       41
Winexpert         26
Cellar Craft       15
Vineco                15

Wine Kitz          2
Paklab              1

Art of Brewing is official dealer for RJSpagnols, Winexpert, Cellar Craft and  Vineco, which means that 97 out of these 100 wine kits are available in our store.

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